About Us

Founded in 2016 by the architects Celio Diniz and Raíssa Rocha, in Rio de Janeiro, Base Sete operates in several areas and different design ranges, from urban planning to single-family residential architecture, through educational, institutional and sports building projects.

The experience accumulated in different subjects ensures the office a global view on all the processes related to design and construction.

In addition to quality in the final product, the office seeks excellence in design methods to provide satisfactory services in all stages of work.

Understanding and identifying the particular needs of each client is fundamental to the full achievement of the objectives of each proposal. A project can represent a family's dream or a business opportunity for a company. In this sense, through a critical attitude, the firm offers judicious solutions that meet the expectations of the client and that reach the objectives of the enterprise, always respecting the proposed budget. The economic feasibility of the project is fundamental.

Architecture interferes directly in the daily lives of people, whether in private or public spaces. Therefore, the office proposes to look for innovative design solutions appropriate to the climate, the characteristics of the place and the people who will use the spaces. Research on the design constraints is the starting point. Discovering the morphological characteristics of the site, climate, local customs and living standards, building legislation, city dynamics, the history of the place, the systems and building materials available is important for the correct functioning of the buildings, without However, we should disregard the poetic dimension of the proposed spaces. For this, Base Seven carries out a broad conceptual research before starting each project and works with essays and speculations on the design theme.

The office works collaboratively with the client and with different partners, suppliers and consultants. Both architecture and urbanism are collective processes that depend on the interaction between different professionals from different fields of knowledge. The architect should be the interlocutor between the disciplines. The dialogue and contribution of all are fundamental to the success of the project.


Celio Diniz Graduated from Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1999. Specialist in environmental comfort and energy conservation by Fupam / USP in 2007. He was one of the founding partners of DDG Arquitetura (2001-2015), where won several awards. Currently he also works as a project teacher at FAU / UFRJ.

Raíssa Rocha Graduated from Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 2009. Worked in several offices in Rio de Janeiro, including DDG Arquitetura.